Dinner Talk SPE 30th anniversary

Thursday, August 6th 2009 I got a really big privilege to attend dinner talk. Well, it’s not a usual dinner, but a special one for me. The dinner was held by SPE Java in celebration of 30th anniversary of SPE Java. It was located at Grand Melia hotel, a very cool and cozy hotel, at colvmbvs (Columbus, read) restaurant level 14 and started at 18.00. I went there with a best friend of mine named Erica Sanjaya.

I have been at Depok since Tuesday morning and I told by Maria Linawati (another best friend) to attend this dinner talk by Tuesday night. What?! I even don’t bring any formal clothing! I went to Depok for fundraising and plan to spend the days until Thursday afternoon. However, finally I change my plan suddenly with a confused heart yet happy.

On Wednesday, I and Erica with a lot of my friends (Muthia, Dhinda, Denov, Friska, Ikha, Zay) went to APOGCE (will discuss it at another post). After a very tired day, I and Erica force ourselves to go to Depok Town Square (Detos) looking for a formal and sweet clothes. I should to because it’s very un-logic attending dinner talk with T-Shirt and jeans. Sad and unfortunately, we couldn’t find the good one. L So bad. But sokay, I called my mom to send me a formal clothe and a skirt also the make-up kit.

The next day, Thursday, I and a lot of Tekkim07 go to Rektorat for fundraising. After very tired hours, I and Erica went to Grand Melia at 15.00 and we arrived there at 17.00, we change our clothes with the formal one then I went on make-up myself. I thought that we should look good and polite and nice. After six, I and Erica went to the 14 level of the building and found there were only few of people. We decided to come in to the restaurant and we meet Mba Mega, the section manager of SPE Java. She looked very busy with all her responsibility to organize the event. It was so sad that President of SPE International as the speaker couldn’t join us because his wife was sick. We were introduced to SPE Java new chairman named John Stenson, he was so kind and warm. He said that we look nice. We had a quite long talk with him about his activity, his original and his family. However, I felt silly not asking a question about SPE. Hahaha .. After that a lot of people were coming and we found we knew nobody. We are just separated until a young, tall, and beautiful lady coming and talk to us, her name is Jennifer. Her husband works at Exxon Mobile. She even asked her husband to recruit us to work at Exxon Mobile. WOW! I hope he is kind of ‘hearing wife’ husband. hahaha

I and Erica were praised for our performance. I thanked God that I prepared myself well. That’s call appreciate. Lina said that we just have to use a polite clothe, but I thought that we should appreciate the invitation so we must be maximal even only in the way we clothed. People will treat us the way we treat ourselves! And by the way we clothed, people will know how serious we are with them.

Then, the eating time begin. We started from appetizer. Mr. Peter Adam and his wife sit next to us. Erica became so nervous. *kidding. All of the food was so delicious. Italian food. After that, there were some speeches from Mr. John and former Chairman. They were also talking about APOGCE and PetroBall. It was a very unforgettable moment. I met a lot of ‘Raja Minyak’ there but they were very welcoming. We also met new friends from ITB and UPN. Trisakti and UGM couldn’t come. A lot of photograph was taken but unfortunately I can’t post it here.

I thank Lina, David and Kevin for this opportunity. We’ll make the report asap.

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